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Reliability, stability, that’s our goal. We offer a feature rich remote administration Orcus RAT tool with great support.

In which programming language is this software written in?

Orcus is completely written in Visual C#. The used IDE is Visual Studio 2015 Community and the GUI framework is WPF.

which dependencies does Orcus require?

Orcus is not just one application but a lot of components which require different environments. The administration requires the .Net Framework 4.6.1, the GUI server the .Net Framework 4.5, the console server also requires the .Net Framework 4.5 but is mono compatible so it will also run on Linux/OSX systems. For the client, you can choose between the .Net Framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5. The Android app requires Android 4.4 or greater.

Is Orcus malware?

Orcus is not malware. Orcus is a remote administration tool which supports administrators to watch their computers. We don’t support any kind of illegal use. When you install Orcus on your PC, you have to agree that you don’t use Orcus for unauthorized access.

You allow independent developers to build orcus additions or plugins?

We support developers, you can find detailed tutorials about almost all plugin types in our developer section. Also, if you have any questions or if you need any assistance, we will be glad to help you.



  • Basic information about the client (operating system, language, privileges, path, ip address, …)
  • Uninstall, Kill, Make Admin
  • Access to all static commands
  • Show the applied settings
  • Show all plugins loaded or failed to load by the client
Reverse Proxy
  • Use the client’s internet connection as a proxy
Active Connections
  • Show all UDP/TCP connections of the client’s pc
  • Show the process which opened the connection
  • Get a lot of information about the client’s pc
  • Categories: Operating System, System, Bios, Hardware (Processor, Videocard), Software, Network (local addresses, geo location data), Drives
  • Recover passwords from famous applications (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, FileZilla, Internet Explorer, JDownloader, Opera, Thunderbird, WinSCP, Pidgin, …)
  • Recover cookies from webbrowsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex)
  • Performance graphs for CPU, Memory and Ethernet
  • Play different audio files on the client’s pc (Mosquito, Tornado sirens, etc.)
  • Select playback device
  • Expandable by plugins
  • Show/Hide taskbar
  • Show/Hide desktop
  • Show/Hide clock
  • Swap/Restore mouse buttons
  • Enable/Disable taskmanager
  • Block user input
  • Hold mouse
  • Open website multiple times
  • Change desktop wallpaper
  • Turn monitor off
  • Trigger bluescreen
  • Hang system
  • Shutdown/Log off/Restart computer
  • Rotate monitor
  • Let it burn (That will make a screenshot of the desktop, set it rotated as a desktop wallpaper and rotate the monitor. Then it will hide all desktop icons and taskbar so it looks like everything is right expect the rotated cursor)
  • Change keyboard layout to QWERTZ, QWERTY or AZERTY
Chat Orcus Remote Admin Rat
  • Begin a support chat with the client
  • Select window title and your name, prevent closing, minimize other windows, set topmost
  • Write and execute C# code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view
  • Write and execute VB.Net code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view
  • Write and execute batch code, syntax hightlighted editor and create no window option
  • Set icon, buttons, caption and text of the message box, test it on your own pc and open it on the client’s pc
User Interaction
  • Text to speech (you can define the voice, the speed and the volume)
  • Open notepad with defined title and text
  • Open balloon tooltip (you can set the icon, the title, the text and the time it will stay open)
Voice Chat
  • Allows to activate the transmission of your and the client’s microphone
  • Fast transmission and fast codec (Opus)
  • Define transmission mode and bitrate
  • Show a zoomable world map with all clients (online and offline)
  • Show exact coordinates of a client by moving over the mark
  • Information about the server (up time, database size, memory usage)
  • Connected clients history graph
  • New clients graph
  • Currently connected and disconnected clients
  • Operating systems
  • Privileges
  • Languages
  • Show information about the running Orcus process (CPU and Memory)
  • Show incoming and outgoing packages with a short description, timestamp and size
  • You control Orcus and not otherwise!
Live Keylogger
  • Show the keys the client presses in realtime
Remote Desktop
  • Select capture mode, Connection, compression, screen and quality
  • See the desktop with 25 FPS+
  • Enable mouse clicks, mouse movement, keyboard inputs and cursor
  • Save current image as jpg, png, bmp or gif
  • Access the client’s webcam
  • Select a webcam, webcam resolution and transmission quality and start a live view
  • Use the console like cmd, support for special characters (like umlauts)
Device Manager
  • List all connected devices grouped
  • Show properties like the status, device id, description, manufacturer and information about the driver
  • Activate or deactivate devices
Drivers config
  • Show and edit Windows driver configuration files (Hosts, Networks, Protocol and Services)
Event Log
  • Receive system event log, application event log or security event log
File Explorer
  • Interface like the Windows file explorer
  • Download, rename, create or remove files and directories
  • Download directly to the server
  • Execute files with arguments, verbs and other settings
  • Show properties of files (size, dates, details like size of a picture or bitrate of a video) and calculate hash values (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
  • Upload files
  • Open Console here
  • Go back/forward
  • Pinned folders of the client’s system are directly added to the tree view (Dropbox, OneDrive, Creative Cloud Files, etc.)
  • Support for special folders like the recycle bin
  • Search for files in the current folder
  • Enter path directly or select the path with autocomplete and drop down
  • Receive all installed programs
  • Start uninstaller of a program
  • Open path in File Explorer
  • Open/create/remove sub keys
  • List all values from sub key
  • Enter path directly with auto complete support
  • Create/edit/remove String Value, Binary Value, DWORD Value, QWORD Value, Multi-String Value or Expandable String Value
Startup Manager
  • Display autostart programs gathered from different locations (registry and folders)
  • Disable/Enable entries
  • Remove entries
  • Open path in File Explorer
System Restore
  • Display all system restore points
  • Create a new restore point
  • Restore/Delete a restore point
  • List all open processes in a tree view
  • Provide different columns: Name, Start Time, Private Bytes, Working Set, PID, Company Name, Description
  • Color rows depending on different properties of processes
  • Bring to front, Restore, Maximize, Minimize or close a process window
  • Kill process or the full process tree
  • Change process priority
  • Suspend/Resume process
  • Open process path in File Explorer
  • Show different properties of that process: description, file/product version, path, command line, parent, user
Volume Control
  • Set the master volume and the volume of the channels for a playback/recording device
Window Manager
  • Show all opened windows, visible and invisible
  • Filter windows to only show visible, search for window titles
  • Minimize, Maximize, Restore
  • Bring to front, topmost, loose topmost
  • Close window
Windows Customizer
  • Orcus Remote Admin Rat
Gerneral Settings
  • Set client group
  • Set mutex (to prevent multiple instances running)
  • Enable/Disable keylogger
  • Set if the application is only executable with administrator rights
  • Add ip address and port the client should connect to (you can add as much as you want)
  • Let the client connect through a proxy (detect default proxy or set SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy)
  • Set reconnect delay (the time between each try to connect)
  • Respawn task – create a task which attempts to restart the client every 5 min.
  • Watchdog – An application which watches the client and restarts it if it crashes or closes
  • Set if the client should get installed
  • Select location (with support for environment variables)
  • Change creation date
  • Hide file
  • Set “Run this program as an administrator” flag
  • Force administrator privileges for the installer
  • Add to autostart (registry or task scheduler)
  • Install service
Assembly Information
  • Change assembly information (title, description, company, product, copyright, …)
  • Select the plugins which should be injected into the client
  • Select build plugins
  • Change icon
  • Select Framework version
  • Display all active/finished tasks
  • Create a new task
    • Select the command and set parameters
    • Select trigger (immediately, date and time, on join, every client once, repeating)
    • Add conditions (client version, operating system, privileges, …)
    • Select execution mode (date and time, idle)
    • Select targeted groups or specific clients
  • Add a new preset command which can be accessed from the main GUI
  • Show all exceptions which were send by clients in a defined time period
  • See details about the exception and the environment
  • A text report is generated which contains all information and which can be redirected to the developer to fix the bug
  • Display all saved data on the server (passwords, key logs, saved data by the file explorer)
  • View or download data
  • Remove data
  • Browse and download plugins
  • Uninstall plugins
  • Update plugins

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