Static Crypter

Also  Static Crypter is a unique type of FUD crypting software that will protect your files using advanced forms of encryption, Also obfuscation, and code manipulation. This will ensure maximum protection from reverse engineering and detection systems, making it a perfect choice for penetration testers or developers who are looking for superior undetectable software protection.

What is a crypter?

Also Wiktionary says that it means to encrypt, although a Crypter

not only encrypts software, it protects software in a way that

makes it very difficult to reverse engineer.

This provides unique protection from reverse

engineering, piracy, and antivirus false positives.

What Kind of Crypter is Suitable For You?

For personal use, we recommend Static Crypter Basic
For professional uses such as remotely monitoring employees and
Also  penetration testing, you need a more reliable and suitable
solution, for this we recommend Static Crypter Elite or Static Crypter Master packages.

Whats the difference between a Runtime and Scantime Crypter?

A Runtime Crypter encrypts the specified file

and when executed (ran), it is decrypted in memory. This way

Also  antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file before executed and after
executed.A scantime Crypter encrypts the specified file so
Also  antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file only before executed
but NOT when executed.

How can I check which antiviruses detect a file?

There are many sites that offer file scanning and giving a report of

Also  antiviruses that detect it. One of the main issues causingcrypters

to eventually become detected is because after someone scans

a crypted file on some of these scanner sites, the crypted files

will then be distributed to the antivirus vendors.

                                            Why Static Crypter is the Best FUD Crypter?

Our creative and dedicated developers have gained over 3 years of unique experience exclusively testing FUD crypting software. This Gives us a huge advantage in providing a solution that is reliable and gets the job done right. But don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself why people in over 50 countries have made the right decision with Z3roSoftware.

  • Permanent Elevate Privileges
  • Icon Changer
  • Injection Advanced: Tryvance
  •  Net Framewokr
  • Net 2.0
  • Support Net 4.0
  • Botkill Advanced
  • Works in All Windows (32-64 Bit)
  • Facebook
  • Spreader Twitter
  • USB
  • Downloader
  • Antis
  • Disablers
  • Message Box
  • Slick and simple design, anyone can use Orway Crypter easily without prior knowledge.
  • Protected files do not require dependencies
  • Protected files do not require dependencies
  • Support EOF
  • Private Crypting Engines
  • Priority Private Updates
  • Priority Email/Chat/RDP Support
  • Mutex
  • UPX Compression
  • Delay Execution
  • Persistance
  • Startup Hide [ Msconfig and Regedit ]
  • Force Admin
  • Anti-Botkill
  • Fully undetected from All 60 antiviruses
  • Delay Force Admin
  • Compatible with any kind of software, including Remote Administration Tools.
  • The private storage methods and polymorphic encryption create longer lasting FUD
  • Delay Force Admin
  • Disable UAC

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  • Unlimited Protected Files
  • 1 Licensed Computer
  • 45 Days Licence
  • Email/Chat/Teamview Support
Static Crypter


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